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Alpha Boys School: Cradle of Jamaican Music



Signed by co-author, Adam Reeves.


The true story of the school that started a musical revolution. Ska and reggae music has reverberated around the planet but without the musical brilliance of the graduates of Jamaica's Alpha Boys' School it might never have been that way.


Facing a life of poverty, neglect, abandonment and even homelessness, young boys from the most deprived parts of Kingston were placed at Alpha, a residential home run by a strict order of Roman Catholic nuns.


Alongside industrial trade apprenticeships, boys would fight for a prestigious place in the Alpha school band, overseen for an astonishing 64 years by the jazz-loving Sister Mary Ignatius – the true Godmother of Ska and Reggae..


Join Heather Augustyn and Adam Reeves as they shed light on this remarkable institution and the life and works of over 40 of its most influential graduates.


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