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Hearsay Media


I am the driving force behind Trombone Man: Ska's Fallen Genius. A lifelong fan of Jamaican music, I discovered reggae and ska as a teenager growing up in London in the 1980s. I am the co-author and publisher, along with Heather Augustyn, of an acclaimed 2007 book, Alpha Boys' School: Cradle of Jamaican Music, about the renowned school in Kingston Jamaica run by Catholic nuns, where many of the greatest reggae and ska musicians learnt to play music - including Don Drummond and three other members of Skatalites.  I have always followed my own path in life, pursuing a diverse variety of business ventures. In my mid-20s I founded and ran a handmade footwear business with my then partner.  I trained in Tui-Na traditional Chinese massage and launched my own business taking acupressure massage to stressed-out workers all over London. Then in my mid-30s I qualified as a journalist, working for the leading UK trade journal for the natural and organic products industry. In recent years, along with my partner Peta we have provided a house and petsitting service, allowing people to travel and safely leave their pets without having to put them in kennels. Together we have cared for many hundreds of animals and looked after some some incredible properties. 

Telling the Don Drummond story as a comic book is dream-come-true for me and is the culmination of decades of love of both ska and reggae music and culture. 

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My love for drawing and image making began at a very early age, fascinated by the idea of how thoughts and emotions, everyday life observations or even historical events can take form on paper creating a visual spectacle for the viewers to immerse themselves in. In recent years my inspiration to create art is derived mainly from the music world. In particular from the rhythms and vibes of ska, rocksteady, roots, dub and of course the Jamaican Soundsystem. The story of the Jamaican people rising from the ghettos in a musical revolution.

In my years of studying art and design at Central Martins College, London 1996-1999 i had the chance to experience the soundsystem culture in London attending the big dances in Brixton Academy and of course the Notting Hill Carnival. Later on i was involved in the local reggae soundsystem scene here in Cyprus until I built my own sound called Rhythm In Green. So naturally my work as an artist is so much in tune with the music i love - reggae music.


I have created work for VP Records JAM-USA, Coney Island Reggae on the Boardwalk USA, Lions den/ Black Redemption GER/USA, Ras-EFX UK, Sound System Sanskriti INDIA, Rising Sound COSTA RICA, Red-i Soundsystem PHILIPPINES to mention but a few..     It is truly a fascinating narrative and it constantly drives me to continue my artistic expression, delving deeper into undiscovered boundaries and finding ever more exciting and fulfilling projects and individuals to work with and for.

Nicholas will be bringing his wealth of experience in comics narrative to ensure Trombone Man: Ska's Fallen Genius has the best possible storyline, as well as offering practical wisdom on the art of comics creation.


As an avid comics fan growing up in the US, I was disappointed in the absence of black heroic characters in popular culture and American literature. Coming from a diverse background, I promised to change that - by creating two acclaimed comic book series, Dread & Alive and HITLESS, both series featuring black heroes who could hold their own. Dread & Alive is a Jamaican-inspired mixed-media series spanning comic books, novels and music created, written, produced, and published under my artist name, ZOOLOOK.


Heather Augustyn is a lecturer at Purdue University Northwest, Indiana. She has authored seven books on Jamaican music history including Ska: An Oral History; Don Drummond: The Genius and Tragedy of the World’s Greatest Trombonist; Songbirds: Pioneering Women in Jamaican Music; Operation Jump-Up; Jamaica's Campaign For a National Sound; and Rude Girls: Women in Two Tone and One Step Beyond. She has written for Downbeat, Wax Poetics, and the Village Voice. She wrote the award-winning documentary “Pick It Up! Ska in the 90s” from PopMotion Pictures and has spoken on Jamaican music history throughout the world including Jamaica, Vietnam, and Spain. 


Mars and Kingsley Dilbert

Cultural advisors and patois tranlation


From Saltmarsh in the parish of Trelawny, Jamaica, I was born in a home of a seamstress family and watched with fascination at how mere fabric transformed peoples' appearance, lives and confidence. Experimenting early on with colours and mismatched  patterns, I became eager to make clothes and create styles and without much thought or planning found I could whip up an outfit in minutes that would turn heads. 

Moving to the UK in 1994 and beginning a family was to prove to be the most challenging time of my life. Raising two children alone and working all hours of the day and night to provide for my family, I got creative on how to save for and build a home - and always look fabulous, even on (particularly on) a budget. I began wearing vintage style in line with my fascination of history and period clothing. A regular at the Victoria and Albert Museum, I would create looks from shopping creatively, researching and sourcing clothes from all over the UK. Now present day, I have grown to become a style consultant and stylist, influencer and brand ambassador for clothing, lifestyle and fashion houses across the world from New Zealand to New York. 

Born in Coventry the “City of Vibrance” I grew up in the midst of U.K. turmoil of harsh unemployment, racism and Thatcherism. Entrenched in reggae soundsystem culture, roots and reggae paved the way on to the Kings Highway and my Rastafari journey. As an artist designing murals and graffiti his aspirations took me to London to study at St.Martins School of Art and after living a bohemian existence throughout Europe and the Caribbean, I went off to New York with a bag and a dream. Twenty seven years later havin g worked with all the top fashion houses as an illustrator, an art director for film and television, a creative director for print magazines and finally as head window designer for iconic New York City department store Bergdorf Goodman, I returned home to the UK and began working as an art rep and gallery curator. My present position as the curator of the Tafari Gallery at Fairfield House is one of great importance in my career both artistically and spiritually. As a Rastafari from my teenage years I have always created awareness of my faith through art and community.

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